The Divine Comedy - Dante Alighieri, Clive James

I'm sorry Dante. But your litany of ways to burn, freeze, sting, bite, and otherwise painfully punish people gradually made my eyes glaze over. Torture is just not my thing. And the wailing...enough already with the wailing.


To be honest, I probably lost interest after the Sixth Circle of Hell, because none of the later circles pertained to my particular sin-aptitudes. So here is my recommendation for other readers who, like me, have a limited attention span torture: Just read the Canto(s) which pertain to you.


If you are uncertain as to what sort of sinner you are, please feel free to take the Dante's Inferno Test at  (I was judged a combination Heretic/Virtuous-Nonbeliever. Guess they'll have to flip a coin to figure out where to send me.)