The Light Between Oceans: A Novel - M.L. Stedman



I like lighthouses. I like Tom, the guy who takes care of one on the island of Janus, a remote out post between two oceans. I like Isabelle, who marries Tom to keep him company on that tiny island. I like Lucy, their precious little girl who comes into their lives in a very unconventional way. I don't like what happens to these three, but I can understand where M.L. Stedman was coming from, and I got to spend a weepy weekend caught up in their drama. If you like shedding tears over someone else's bad decisions, this may float your boat. If you'd rather weep about things closer to home, or pretend that because your life is perfect, then the world must be a perfect place, this probably isn't for you. But you'll miss out on some beautifully-written, shimmering prose and some valuable lessons about adaptation, acceptance and forgiveness.