My American Unhappiness - Dean Bakopoulos

Zeke Pappas, is the engaging - and unreliable - chronicler of American unhappiness in this absurd, sad and funny second novel by Dean Bakapoulos. He begins to unravel personally and professionally as he embarks on a search for a wife in this disturbing view of America during George W Bush's reign of error. Unfortunately, his greatest asset is a talent to predict what a stranger will order at Starbucks. 

He spends his days and nights lusting after pictures of models from J Crew catalogues, drinking excessively and making passes at women he barely knows. While this may sound off-putting, these trivial pursuits are quite entertaining until his desperation overrides any chance for success. Depending on your politics, you will either embrace or abhor the views expressed here. You will also find this novel hard to categorize and even harder to forget.